Trinity Preschool, Part of the Camp Curtin Learning Community

Enriching The Minds And Lives Of Our Community’s Youth

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Provide a high-quality, caring, resiliency-building and safe, trauma-informed social and emotional experience for preschool children regardless of the family’s background, ethnicity or ability to pay tuition. Partner with families and community resources to support the unique social/emotional, academic and physical needs of each student.

Trinity Preschool, Part of the Camp Curtin Learning Community is an organization devoted to ensuring that children aged three to four, living within the Uptown Harrisburg area, have access to a high-quality, foundational preschool education regardless of ability to pay.


The Trinity Preschool, Part of the Camp Curtin Learning Community originated from a strategic, three-goal plan to provide the residents of Harrisburg with a high-quality cradle to grave education program. It is supported by the efforts of friends, neighbors and volunteers working in concert, originally with the Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell United Methodist Church and now with Trinity Church of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Area Community College’s Early Childhood Education Program. The program ensures that students receive a top-notch academic and social curriculum that will help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. 


The program focuses on low-income families, encouraging them to participate in parent-centered programs and serve as volunteers in the school. The program’s goals extend even further than educating the community’s youth, partnering with other neighborhood organizations to fulfill the educational requirements of adults as well.


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Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children: Learning Is Everywhere

We welcome anyone interested to contact us about volunteering in our classroom. If you like to have fun, get messy, and want to become inspired by our wonderful group of future
community leaders, please reach out to Jen Walborn at

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